0800 2 ROTOR (0800 2 76867)

Certification, licences

Rotor Work Limited holds within the company a number of the following certificates and  licences:

General Transport licences and certificates held in house:

  • Drivers Licence classes 1,2,3,4,5,6 and endorsements DG, W,T,R (only staff with correct endorsements operate vehicles).
  • Transport service licence (allows the holder to operate trucks for hire and reward).
  • First Aid Certificates (on each worksite, at least one person holds a First Aid Certificate).
  • Approved Handlers Certificates (on each worksite at least one approved Handlers Certificate is held to work with handling of chemicals or supervise handling of chemicals.
  • Health & Safety rep certificates (required for companies employing over 20 staff).
  • Ground crew Firefighting NZQA (required for staff who attend fires)

Pilot  Licences and certificates held in-house

  • 13 x Commercial Pilot Licence Helicopter (the holder is permitted to operate any aircraft they have a rating on commercially for hire or reward)
    Ratings held in house are: R22, H269, R44, Enstrom 28C, Bell 47, Hiller 12E, Bell 206, H369, AS350, Agricultural rating on spraying and topdressing.
  • Training ratings held: B cat (the holder of B cat when validated can perform PPL and CPL helicopter training); D cat (the holder of D cat when validated can issue helicopter type ratings); E cat (the holder of E cat when validated can perform Agricultural helicopter training and carry out biannual competency training).
  • Chemical Rating Certificates (required by pilots to release chemicals).
  • Flight crew Firefighting NZQA certificates (required by pilots to perform firefighting).
  • Noise Abatement Certificates (required by pilots working in sensitive areas)

Aircraft Engineer licences and certificates held in-house

  • 2 x Aircraft Engineer Licences (the holder is permitted to maintain any aircraft they have a rating on commercially. Ratings held Group 1 & 2 engines, Group 1 & 2 Rotorcraft).
    IA Authorisation (the holder is permitted to carry out a review of aircraft maintenance every 12 months and check conformity of any major modification installed).
  • 2 x Maintenance Control Certificates (required for the control of aircraft maintenance and planning).

Company CAA Certificates held

  • Certified CAA Rule Part 135 (Air transport, charter commercial transport). The certificate holder is permitted to operate only aircraft stated on its certificate specifications. The aircraft are operated in accordance with the certificate holders CAA approved operation and aircraft maintenance manual for the purpose of air transport of people for hire or reward.
  • Certified CAA Rule Part 137 (Agricultural operations). The holder is permitted to operate aircraft stated on its certificate specification on agricultural operations for hire or reward.
  • The Company is also Approved under CAA Rule Parts 91 and 133 (aerial work, survey, lifting, pest control, firefighting). This allows an aircraft owner to operate an aircraft on general flights, and perform sling loads without passengers.

Company Chemical storage certificates

  • 4 x Location test certificates (allows the holder to store fuel and chemicals on site).

Company Equipment Certificates

  • Spray Swath test certificates (one of the approved methods of determining swath widths and composition).    
    Fertiliser Swath test certificates (one of the approved methods of determining swath widths and composition).
  • Tool Calibration test certificates (ensures correct calibration).
  • Equipment Load test certificates (ensures equipment is fit for purpose).

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