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Safety / Compliance / Quality / Assurance

Customer Safety and Compliance Resources

Health and Safety is everyone’s responsibility and Rotor Work provides a number of safety resources to our clients through our Cloud-based website. To view our current Safety Policy, Hazard Register, and Resources, please log-in below. To obtain log-in details, contact your Rotor Work representative.

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Certification, licences

Rotor Work Limited holds within the company a number of the following certificates and  licences:

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Quality Assurance and Accreditation

For over 35 years, Rotor Work Limited has shown a commitment to delivering the highest standards of job quality, safety and service, to valued customers for minimum costs. The company’s history, length of service and growth, is a reflection of customer satisfaction. Building from our past, we shall continue to deliver services that meet or exceed the requirements of our customers. We shall endeavour to do this by complying with all the established procedures, quality standards, safety standards and regulations.

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Agricultural Operation GPS and software

All our helicopters used for agricultural work have GPS systems fitted. GPS ensures accurate placement of chemicals and fertilisers on land by providing flight lines to follow and hectares treated. GPS flightlines can be provided upon request, after the completion of a job.

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Health and Safety

Safety concerns everyone and is paramount to Rotor Work Limited - our lives depend on it!

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Training and Competency


All staff are trained both internally and externally for the tasks we undertake. Training is a continuous process and ensures staff is kept up to date with current regulations and procedures.

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Safety Promotion

Rotor Work Limited strongly promotes safety to staff by way of keeping staff informed of audit findings and actions, occurrence reports, safety posters, instructions for operating PPE correctly via our cloud based SMS system and encouraging reporting and team building.

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Terms and conditions

A copy of our terms and conditions is available via our Cloud based client login. In accepting a quote and signing a risk assessment form.

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